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Wind Down the Week with a Dirty Martini


As my coworker said, “it’s been a really long, short week.” Even though Presidents’ Day was a holiday, it felt like a full and busy week and Friday was especially welcome. Regardless, Friday night is the time to sink into a chair, breathe and take some time for yourself. And, it feels even more special if a hand crafted cocktail is close at hand to sip.

I learned to like a dirty martini thanks to a friend of mine (Angie). But I fell in love with it at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA. They hand stuff olives with bleu cheese and create a concoction that is delicious and difficult to duplicate. Here’s my version, at least as close as I can get.

  • 3 shots vodka ( Grey Goose or better)
  • ¾ shot olive juice
  • splash vermouth
  • 2 – 3 bleu cheese stuffed olives hand stuffed is the only way to go)

Combine vodka, olive juice and vermouth with ice in a shaker. Shake and pour into chilled martini glass. Serve with olives on a cocktail pick.

Happy weekend friends!

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